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Located in Inwood, Zomick's is New York City's heart and joy. This bakery is one of the many stores capitalizing on kosher tourism. With over five decades of baking experience, Zomick's Bakery is successfully continuing the legacy as a destination for local Jewish and non-Jewish residents alike. Local residents say that traditional Friday night dinners wouldn't be the same without Zomicks, a kosher bakery which so many households have been visiting regularly since 1966. Customers compare going to this Bakery with an old-time experience, and they keep coming back to the store because there is nothing even close to what they make. The staff knows their customers and is very service-oriented, friendly and pleasant to deal with. Running this business as a well-oiled machine can be a demanding operation where everyone must know his duties and obligations.

Over at the Zomicks Bakery there are baker assistants, cake decorators, and of course the main baker who is in charge of overseeing the business and making sure that everything goes as planned and is according to the highest standards. Although the bakery usually opens to the public at 7 a.m., the people behind the counter start their day as early as 2 a.m. because every good baker knows it takes time for the dough to proof and bake. During the Jewish holidays, in order to keep up with demand, the staff at Zomick's often bakes all throughout the day. This family owned bakery has been in business for over 50 years and uses original recipes from their great grandparents, who came to America from Europe.

Among Zomicks' most popular products are its challah bread, cookies, pita, buns, flavored foccacias, bagels, and puff pastry, rugelach, sufganiyot or doughnuts, and many more. The bakery's menu also includes a lot of cakes, like seven layer and chocolate fudge, as well as blueberry, apple, cherry, lemon and seasonal pies. Around annual Jewish holidays like Yom Kippur, Hanukkah, and Passover, flour-based recipes get switched over to potato starch and other kosher ingredients, and that is Zomicks peak sales period. Over the years the Bakery of Zomick's has sold thousands of challah bread loaves during the holidays, as customer lines spread even outside the store.