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Established in 1966, Zomick's Bakery is a family owned bakery opened with the single purpose of serving the needs of the local Jewish community. The warm, inviting atmosphere, mixed with the irresistible smell of fresh baked bread, draws local members and community workers to stop in on their way to work, and treat themselves with a delicious pastry. Here you can start your day with a tasty croissant or bagel, while you’re sipping your morning coffee and enjoying the company of a fellow community member. Their hand-crafted sweets and pastries are made with the finest and freshest kosher ingredients, using their family recipes, handed down from one generation to another. The well known New York based kosher bakery also offers its services for weddings, parties and other special occasions. Following the regulations of kashrut, the Jewish dietary law, all of Zomick's products are made from natural ingredients, implementing the highest standards of the food industry. The bakery is located in a cozy neighborhood, and where community members keep on coming back for over 50 years. Striving to add something for everyone, the bakery has changed part of its menu, but they have kept their originality and touch with tradition. From the famous Zomick's bread, to the mouthwatering bagels, muffins, knishes and cookies, everything that comes out of their oven is worth tasting. This kosher bakery offers treats that will intrigue not only your stomach but your eyes as well. Handcrafted by top pastry chefs all of their products are made with love and dedication. Zomick's can make any wedding, birthday, anniversary or other occasion extra special.
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