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In an industry where many bakeries sell prebaked or already baked goods produced by other sources in order to save both time and money, Zomick's Bakery takes great pride in its commitment to baking everything on the bakery’s premises. For the people working at this bakery, this commitment to quality, service and values is what keeps the bakery and its spirit alive. Because there aren’t many kosher bakeries around anymore, loyal customers love Zomick's products and service. Nowadays large supermarkets have all kinds of sections, and kosher sections are no exceptions. However, those large supermarkets chains don’t supply fresh-baked goods like Zomick's does, and that is why the bakery has so many regular customers. Some of them have been buying their baked goods from the very beginning of the bakery, back in 1966.


In this bakery everything is made from scratch and from the heart, and that is something that they are all very proud of. That means working with their hands to transform water and flour into fresh and delicious baked goods for their customers. Since it is a family owned business with years of tradition, over at the bakery they prepare food for others in the same way they prepare it for their own family. Because the bakery is fully certified as kosher, all of Zomick's milk products come from kosher animals and do not contain non-kosher additives. To adhere to these rules, Zomicks buys products that are certified by widely accepted kosher organizations. In addition to that they have two of every tool, meaning two slicers, bowls, scissors, and boards, all of them kept separately. In order to indicate and recognize which tools are used for dairy and which for non-dairy goods, each culinary device is color coded.

Once the mouthwatering creations are done, the product showcase separates the dairy from the non-dairy. Obviously there are many conditions and requirements for making kosher food, but for Zomicks Bakery this is a day-to-day routine that has been committed for over five decades, ever since the first opened in 1966. Now the tradition of running this kosher bakery has been passed on to the family’s younger generations, who have managed to expand Zomick's into the catering market as well.